Marvel Services LLC started as a small packaging company specialized in wrapping gifts for Major Department stores as well as providing packaging service for companies in Kobe and Osaka

Seeking further growth, MyJapanAddress was created as a subsidiary of Marvel Services to cater to the fast growing package forwarding demands of foreign customers and since then MyJapanAddress has not looked back, growing annually to become one of the leading Package forwarding and trading company in Japan catering not only to foreign personal shoppers but also the package forwarding needs of Japanese nationals stationed abroad and companies.

Our passionate commitment to our customers is the key to our continued success and we will leave no stone unturned to improve our services and continue striving to put a smile on our customer’s faces.


E-commerce is thriving as never before at an unprecedented pace with boundaries being torn down and new horizons being opened, however there are still barriers to e-commerce due to language difference, security fears, cumbersome shipping procedures and differences in custom regulations across boundaries which has helped to  deter merchants from selling or shipping beyond their borders thus hampering the creation of  a truly borderless global e-commerce environment, that is where MyJapanAddress comes in, to create that link and plug the gap between merchants in Japan and buyers abroad.

We at MyJapanAddress believe that products that don’t run foul of the legal restrictions of a country should be accessible to everyone regardless of where ever our customers are. Personal private shopping across borders has increased tremendously the past decade, helping drive e-commerce growth and a key force behind improvement of livelihoods due to quality products that were limited to one country being made available to other countries by companies like MyJapanAddress.

We continue to explore all channels and possibilities to deliver goods to our customers at the cheapest and fastest means possible, by using our advantage of bulk shipping, we negotiate discounts with our shippers and pass those savings to our customers.

In this respect, we at MyJapanAddress feel the sky is the limit as regards cross border movement of goods due to the internet and breakthrough potential that personal shopping holds and we are passionately committed to serving our customers and exceeding their demands and expectations.

Our versatility and flexibility makes it possible to entrust us with your package forwarding needs of any size consignment from letters and documents to cars and full container either by air or by sea from Japan to any part of the world.

You can choose between air or sea freight depending on your budget, urgency, fragility or size of the package or goods and you can always count on us to have the job done and your goods delivered cheaper and on time.


We believe that if you


” Fix your eyes on perfection

    You make almost everything

      speed towards it. “

William E. Channing

We are striving to be more than a mail/package forwarding company that’s why we try to communicate closely with our customers in order to understand their needs and tailor our services to satisfy their demands. We will continue to introduce new services, methods and technology to ensure we adapt to clients’ changing needs and market demands. Our ultimate goal is to put a smile on our customer’s faces through Perfection and we are fully aware that our goals can be attained if we continue to evolve.