King Jim Co Ltd will release earphones that function as an “alarm clock” by using motors to generate vibration April 22, 2016.

The company expects that the earphones, “Mezamashi (alarm) EarphonThe mezamashi earphonese NMR10,” will be used at the time of taking a nap in a train, office, etc. They are targeted at those who cannot notice alarms from a smartphone or do not want others to notice alarms. They can also be connected to a smartphone as normal earphones to listen to music.

The earphones are equipped with vibration motors and driver units in parts to be inserted into the earholes. They feature the “alarm function” to set off the alarm at a preset time and the “timer function” to activate the alarm after a preset period of time, and the motors vibrate the earphones. The strength of vibration can be set at three different levels.structure of the earphones

The Mezamashi Earphone NMR10 is wired earphones. Powered by an AAA alkaline battery, they can be used for about six months, according to King Jim. The price of the product is ¥6,000 (approx US$52.8, excluding tax). The company aims to sell 10,000 units in the first year.