The package consolidation service enables you shop as much as you want from as many stores and websites as you like, and have them shipped to your Japan address and on arrival at our facility, the packages will be bundled into a single package for maximum savings to youas a result of the lower shipping cost, and insurance. We don’t compromise safety with our consolidation service by making sure the merchandise can withstand the trip to your location abroad without damage.



You can take advantage of our package consolidation service to obtain gifts for family members, friends or customers if you are a business entity

How mail and package Consolidation works

  1. You register with MyJapanAddress and get a real Japan address, you go to a Japanese website purchase your favorite products, you checkout, fill in your newly acquired Japan address, pay and the items will be sent to your Japan address without a hitch.
  2. No matter how many parcel or packages you have sent to your Japan address, our experienced staff will at your request have them consolidated and shipped to where ever you at the shortest time and best possible rate.

★As you can see, the whole process is simple, quick and hassle free.