By signing-up, you are able to shop online for your coveted items or products that for whatever reason are simply not exported abroad and are only available in the Japanese market and you can make savings on shipping by having us forward your merchandise to wherever you happen to be without worries, best of all, if you have multiple packages they will be consolidated to a single package or repackaged if necessary to save you money on international shipping charges from the reduced size as well as savings brought about by discount deals with carriers. The merchant won’t even know the merchandise is destined for abroad.


This is how Package forwarding works

  1. You shop online at as many stores purchasing as many items as you like and at checkout you fill your Japan address as the delivery address.
  2. Goods are delivered to your Japan Address, we send you a notification email and update your account.
  3. You can login and check the status of your order and when you are ready for your goods to be shipped, you pay the shipping charge and request for your package to be shipped.
  4. If necessary we consolidate your package and ship them with your specified carrier.
  5. We send you the tracking number by email and also update your account with the tracking number.
  6. You receive your goods