Most Japanese shopping sites, stores or sellers on yahoo auction don’t ship abroad and even if they do,the Japanese language can be very intimidating for a non-native Japanese speaker which can be frustrating, and even if you are fortunate enough to find those things that you crave for at your location abroad, duties, shipping cost and many intermediaries in the distribution chain result in the prices being astronomical and out of reach. Hence getting them from Japan and having them shipped to you ends up being cheaper and better option, we are committed to providing the best shipping rates and best deals and savings with our personal shopping service and we come in handy in cases like this, all you have to do is email us a list or URL of the products you want, the full description, color, size and quantity and if possible the price of the things, and leave the rest to us. Our personal shopper will hunt for the best prices possible and relay it to you and if you are okay with the price(s), you pay the required amount excluding the shipping cost from our facility to your location abroad.Each step along the way, you will be updated either by email or through the dashboard about the status of your order. Upon arrival of the items at our facility you are provided with one free picture of the exterior of the package, additional pictures of the enclosed goods would require a small fee. We consolidate or repackage if possible and relay the shipping cost to you and upon payment your goods are shipped to you.

We are committed to providing the best shipping rates and best deals and savings with our personal shopper service.

We charge 10% (including consumption tax) of the total cost of the purchase for our personal shopping service.

How the Personal Shopper Service Works

You do one of the following fill a Request Form online or send us the URL of the product or an email with a detailed description, color, size, quantity and price if available of the needed items.

  1. We verify the price of the goods on the market.
  2. We relay the price of the goods including our commission (10% of the value of the goods) to you.
  3. You pay the money.
  4. We buy the goods on your behalf and update your account and you can login and check the status of your order.
  5. When you are ready for your goods to be shipped, you pay the shipping charge and request for your package to be shipped.
  6. If necessary we consolidate your package and ship them with your specified carrier.
  7. We sent you the tracking number by email and also update your account with the tracking number.