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Condition : NEW

※ Incl free one plug to match your country plug

VOLTAGE : 100 – 240V 

Material :Ceramic
Power Consumption : 35W (when using 100V)
Max Temperature : 200 ℃
Cord Length : 1.6m
Weight Regular :  237g






i1798 overview

Easy brush handling creates natural mosturised straight hair

It is easy on the hair and skin.

One rank higher straight brush iron

Minus ion emitting device produces a lot of minus ion

Mini size convenient for travelling

i1798 brushes


Even for the first time , a firm moisturized natural hair is easily formed.

Areti’s unique brush shape easily creates straight hair.

It is recommended to the following people

●First-time users of hair irons.
●Those with a lot of hair that take long straighten
●Those who get up in the morning and easily want to do their wavy natural hair
●Those looking for a safer straightening iron
●Those looking for a light and easy to use straight brush
●Those who are not satisfied, who have been using a straight brush iron and
experience pain when the tip of the brush comes in contact with the scalp

Ease of use of brush easily creates straight hair

Even the most difficult hair easily changes to straight hair when Areti brush iron is used.

Same feeling like when using a normal brush only difference is that not much effort is needed

with Areti brush iron to create straight hair. Recommended for someone using hair iron for the first

time. The back that is difficult to see or much long hair is straightened in no time.

i1798 straight hair



The minus ion emitting device plus the ceramic coated brush
produce beautiful shining hairi1798 brush

The minus ion producing device and the nice slipping ceramic coated brush
combine and discharge a lot of minus ion. Helping reduce damage to the cuticle to a minimum and a glossy natural straight hair.




Despite its small size, useful for trips or can be used as normal hair brush

It is 60% (160g) lighter than the normal size (i1661) hair brush. The i1798 has been receiving lots of positive reviews from user due to its ease of use despite the small size and lighter weight.

i1798 size detail


For those who want to quickly straighten their ruffled hair when they get up during the busy morning, It is adjustable at 160℃ or 200 ℃ it takes just 60 seconds to reach Reach 160 ℃

The i1789 straight brush hair iron is equipped with a high power heater
Maximum temperature is Professional specifications of 200 ° C 

Styling that is easy on the scalp

The tip of the brush is made of soft silicon
that protects the scalp from damage.

Soft silicon is used in consideration of fire prevention as well as the scalp protection.
We recommend it to those who experience pain on the scalp with conventional brushes.
Beside, we deployed nylon around the heated portion to prevent against burn, thus
styling of the back of the head is safe.

Other useful features and attention to safety and security

  • Difault starting temperature is 160 °C 
  • Colored plug to differentiate from other plugs
  • Goes off automatically after 15 minutes if not used.
  • Open and close lock convenient for carrying and storage
  • Hanging loop convenient for lifting
  • 360 degree rotation code,hard to get entangled


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Additional information

Weight 0.344 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 3.5 × 4.0 cm

Pink, Blue


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