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Condition : NEW

Power Source: 220V   50/60Hz

Plug : SE Type

※ Incl free one plug to match your country plug

[1.0L] JPC-W10W  5.5cups

[1.8L] JPC-W18W  10cups


Inner Pot : 9 Layers (2.5mm)

Colour : Moss Black


Power Consumption : JPC-W10W (1085 W )

                                          : JPC-W18W (1215 W )

• Rice Scoop • Measuring Cup • Menu Book 
• Led Display : English/Chinese
• Operating Instructions : English/Chinese/Japanese



Pressure IH Rice Cooker JPC-W10W/W18W

All about Jpc-w

Fluffy and elastic rice with high heat and fine bubbles like rice cooked in a clay pot. The far-infrared effect and high-temperature boiling bring out the flavor and sweetness of the rice, and cooks tasty rice like the ones cooked in a clay pot at a top restaurant in Japan.

Far-infrared 9-layer heat flow and heat sealing ceramic coated inner pot

The outer lower part of the inner pot has heat-sealing ceramic coating with high heat-retention properties and the outer upper part of the pot has heat flow coating with thermally conductivity. A difference in temperature between the upper and lower parts caused by the two coatings causes intense heat convection, bringing out the sweetness of the rice. Far-infrared ceramic coating is applied to the inside surface of the pot, so that fine bubbles can be produced as if the rice was cooked in a clay pot, bringing out the stickiness and springiness of the rice, and the far-infrared effect can be achieved, bringing out the flavor of the rice.


9-layer inner pot (about 2.5mm thick) & Wide induction heating

The inner pot with the nine-layer metal structure is heated efficiently. Heat is evenly distributed in the pot, making each grain of rice plump. A larger surface area of the pot is heated by wide induction heating to transfer the high heat quickly and directly to the rice.


Variable double pressure cooking” to bring out the sweetness of rice

With the variable double-pressure technique using two large and small pressure balls, a pressure of about 1.25 atm is applied during cooking to bring out the stickiness and springiness of the rice and a pressure of about 1.05 atm is applied after cooking to steam the rice at high temperatures, so that firm rice grains can be produced with minimal clumping.



Express Limited cups menu

The setting to cook 1 to 2 go (1 to 2 cups) in about 17 minutes (with JPC-W10W or 2 to 3 go (2 to 3 cups) in about 20 minutes with JPC-W18W) is provided to allow you to eat freshly cooked rice on busy days. Thanks to the far-infrared radiation effect and heat storage performance of the heat flow and heat sealing ceramic coated inner pot and the excellent heat conductivity of the multi-layered pot, heat is efficiently transferred to the rice in each of the water absorption, heating, and steaming processes, enabling a small amount of rice to be cooked quickly.
* The time required for cooking may vary depending on the type of rice and room and water temperatures. (Based on our research)


With handles to carry the pot easily

The inner pot has handles convenient for carrying and handling the pot when rinsing rice or cleaning the pot.


Glossy inner lid

The inner lid has a hydrophilic coating.
The coating prevents droplets from forming and, when heated, the moisture quickly evaporates so that unwanted moisture can be removed. When the rice is kept warm in the rice cooker, the surface of the lid is covered with a film of moisture to keep the rice moist so that you can always enjoy the succulence of freshly cooked rice. Water does not form droplets easily on the coated surface and so water does not drip onto the cooked rice.

Clean care menu

The washing course* is best suited for removing smells and stains that remain after using the Mixed Rice and other cooking settings. This feature minimizes stains and smells inside the rice cooker, a place that is out of reach, with the power of steam.
*Odors may not be completely removed depending on the conditions.



Easy-to-clean frame with grained surface

*The product in the photo is for Japan, so some notation is different.

Scraps of starch can be peeled off the surface easily.


Only three parts are removable, making it easy to clean the rice cooker

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.

  1. (1) Inner pot
  2. (2) Inner lid
  3. (3) Steam cap

The easily removable parts make it easy to clean the product each time.


Inner lid that can be removed with a single motion

*The product in the photo is for Japan, so some notation is different.

The inner lid that can be removed easily with a single motion is entirely washable, so that you can handle it without worries while cleaning it.




    Power Source: 220V   50/60Hz

      ※ Make sure the power source matches that of your home country

    Power Consumption JPC-W10W ( 1085W)

                                          JPC-W18W ( 1213W)

    Type : Pressure IH ( Induction Heating)

    Capacity JPC-W10W : 1.0L

    JPC-W18W  : 1.8L

    Product Size    JPC-W10W :  25.2 (W) × 31.1 (D)  x 21.1 (H) cm

                               JPC-W18W :  27.5 (W) × 33.7 (D)  x 24.2 (H) cm

    Product Weight  JPB-W10W : 5.3 kg

                                  JPC-W18W : 6.3kg

    Colour : Moss Black (KM)

    LED Display : English, Chinese

    Operating Manual : English, Japanese, Chinese


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