Terms and Conditions

Access to, and use of, any part of MyJapanAddress web site (hereinafter “the Website”), any document, material or other information, including text, images, sound and website code (hereinafter “Information”) made available on the Website and any of the services provided via the Website (hereinafter “Services”) are governed by these terms and conditions of use (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) and constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the user.

MyJapanAddress reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting amended Terms and Conditions on the Website. Such amendments take effect on the date on which they are posted. Users are entitled to object to them within one month of posting. Continued use of the Website or its services constitutes acceptance of the changes made. If a user explicitly objects to any new terms and conditions, MyJapanAddress is entitled to revoke his access rights.

Purpose of the Website

The general purpose of the Website is to offer the public especially users residing out of Japan who are unable to shop in Japan because some vendors in Japan do not ship abroad or do not accept credit cards issued abroad access to Japanese shopping site. Other services offered are procurement and shipping of used cars, tires and Full Container Load of other goods on behalf of users living abroad.

Rights to modify

MyJapanAddress reserves the right to modify, limit or discontinue – in full or in part and without prior notice – the Services and Information available on the Website at any time, to restrict access to the Website and to deny, without notice and at its sole discretion, any user’s access to the Website or any part thereof.

User registration and obligations

Some of the Services available on this Website require prior registration. Users must provide correct and complete information when registering, and update it if necessary.

Users of the Website must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. They must refrain from violating or attempting to violate the security of the network and, in particular, from uploading or attaching virus-containing or corrupted files or any software or programs that might damage the operation of another user’s computer. Users must furthermore refrain from restricting, or attempting to restrict in any way access to or use of the Website or any Services by other users (for example by generating, whether manually or in an automated fashion, unusually high numbers of service accesses).

They must not misuse any access authorization granted to them for example by transferring data to unauthorized third parties.

By registering, users agree to being contacted by MyJapanAddress by e‑mail or other available means. Registered users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password to prevent unauthorized access to that account. Users must take all necessary steps to keep their password secure and must change their password immediately they suspect it is being used by someone without authorization. In the event of any violation of the above user obligations, MyJapanAddress reserves the right to revoke the user’s access rights without prior notice.

Data Acquisition

Information on system usage is collected to help us better manage the website so that we can offer optimum user satisfaction.  All reasonable steps will be taken to protect your personal data from being misused or used without your authorization by putting in place strong security measures and adopting correct business ethics.

All information collected is consistent with our Privacy Policy

Purpose of data collection

  1. To provide you with courier and other services that you request.
  2. To verify your identity and prevent unauthorized access and use of your personal data.
  3. To enhance and improve your online experience when using our website based on your stated preferences when you subscribed to our services.
  4. We use your personal data to improve our services and to provide you with a better website navigation experience.
  5. To provide you with information about products and services that we or other third parties have selected and believe would interest you.
  6. To prepare statistics or analysis for market research purpose or for provision of services

geared towards a particular region or country.

  1. To secure your personal information against unauthorized access or use by utilizing your personal data for verification purpose when you login to use our services.
  2. To allow us exert our legal rights or to enable us recoup payments from you when you owe us.
  3. To verify your compliance with stipulated laws and regulations.

Type of Personal data collected

By personal data, we imply data from which your identity is apparent or can easily be discerned   such as

  1. Your identification information such as your name, gender, nationality, date of birth and marital status.
  2. Your contact information such as your address, phone number, fax number, email address, social network addresses, skype or related service contact information.
  3. Your payment details such as your credit or debit card, bank account details.
  4. Additional information that you provide from time to time when you communicate with us or you visit our website.

How information is collected

  1. We may collect information directly from you with your consent when you fill in our subscription form and you subscribe to the services that we offer.
  2. When you use our website , we may collect some information from you automatically such as
  3. Information about your use of our services including the type of browser you are using, the operating system, IP address, cookies, language and your region.
  4. Pages you viewed or links you clicked on while using our website.
  5. We may ask third parties for your personal data, like when we want to get authorization for a payment that you made with a credit card or to investigate issues that may occur from use of your credit card.

Entities your personal data is shared with

Access to your personal data depends on the context in which it was provided and the intended use of the data. Your personal data may be disclosed to a third party in order to provide the following services.

  1. To provide you with services that are available through third parties that we have contracted to offer certain services on our behalf.
  2. To provide you with services that we or our third party partners have chosen and believe would be of interest to you.
  3. We disclose your personal data with authorities when we are obliged to comply with the law or when we deem it necessary to protect our or another person’s rights, integrity, property or safety.
  4. Disclose your personal data to law enforcement authorities when called upon to solve or prevent crime or card fraud.
  5. We may share your personal data when called upon by government to ensure compliance with applicable domestic and international laws and regulations.
  6. When we sell or transfer ownership of MyJapanAddress to a new entity, we may hand over some or all of your personal data to the new entity.

Duration of possession of your personal data

The duration that we keep your personal information depends on the context in which the data was provided or the intended use of the data. Which is as follows

  1. Your data will be kept for as long as it is necessary for us to continue providing you with our services.
  2. So that we will be able to continue providing you with valuable information about products and services that we or our third party partners have selected and believe would interest you.
  3. We may keep records of your transactions with us so that we can answer your queries or answer to any disputes or troubles or legal issues which may occur. Where a transaction record is the subject of investigation or legal proceedings, we will keep the said record for as long as compliance with the law dictates.

Your rights to your personal data

When you register to our service through the input form that we provide, you are required to provide your personal data. The personal data is either obligatory or nonobligatory depending on the service that you apply for. Obligatory data is required so that we are able to process your order or provide our services to you. Nonobligatory data is optional data that you provide out of your free will, that we may use to process and provide better services to you. Fields that are obligatory must be filled when subscribing and are indicated with a red asterisk, failure to provide some and not all of the obligatory data will result in you not being able to subscribe and use our services. If you don’t untick the “Receive information about products box”, we will assume that you have given your consent for us to use or process your personal information according to the terms stated herein to receive information about products and services that we or our third party partners send to you.

Availability of the website and services.

We will make every possible effort to keep this site running and provide services 24/7,   non-stop throughout the year. However, there may be times the site might be inaccessible due to but not limited to the following, program error, maintenance purpose, server change or repairs, program update or from issues beyond our control such as transmission failure, cyberattack, exceptionally heavy network traffic etc. By subscribing to use our services you acknowledge and agree to the interruptions stated herein and that we are not liable to any claims from you.

Website Contents

The accuracy of the data and information of contents on the website attributed to third parties remain the sole responsibility of the authors of the contents. The contents do not necessarily reflect our views and we do not provide any guarantee, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, availability, suitability of the information.

Copyright and Content use

All Information published on the Website is protected by copyright and owned or controlled by MyJapanAddress or the party credited as its provider or author. MyJapanAddress reserves all rights to the extent possible under copyright law.

Users may use the Information obtained directly from the Website without acquiring a copyright or other proprietary rights to it. This right to use

  1. Does not allow the user to copy all – or a substantial part of – data, data structure and contents of MyJapanAddress made available on the Website; in particular, it does not allow any use of data mining, robots, or similar data-gathering and extraction tools.
  2. The MyJapanAddress official logo may not be used or reproduced without our prior written consent.
  3. Any commercial use of the content of MyJapanAddress available on the Website to provide marketing-related activities such as, advertisement, product promotion or any activity that is to the benefit of a third party requires the conclusion of a separate License Agreement with MyJapanAddress.
  4. No other use of the Information other than for the purpose that it is provided for is permitted without prior written consent.
  5. Photographs and other graphical or image material may not be reproduced,     published or reprinted without MyJapanAddress prior written consent, unless the materials are expressly made available for download.
  6. You may not remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials presented on the website nor transfer materials to another person or mirror content on the website on another server.
  7. Your membership will be terminated if you violate any of these restrictions. Upon terminating your subscription, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format.


Users may cancel their subscription anytime they choose by providing written notice to MyJapanAddress, provided however that such cancellation shall not be effective until such time as the current subscription expires. Therefore, if there is time left on the ubscription, the subscription will remain active until the next renewal date, or the annual contract expires, at which time the subscription will expire, and the user will no longer have access to his account at MyJapanAddress.

Plan Downgrade

Users may move from a higher membership plan to a lower plan anytime they choose by providing written notice to MyJapanAddress, provided however that such downgrade shall not be effective until such time as the current subscription expires. Therefore, if there is time left on the subscription, the subscription will remain active until the next renewal date, or the annual contract expires, at which time the subscription will expire, and the user will no longer be entitled to the services unique to that membership plan.

Plan Upgrade

Plan upgrade requires immediate payment. Once payment is processed, the user will have access to the upgraded features of the new plan.
Upgrade is prorated until the next renewal date, and credit is given for the remaining time on the existing (lower cost) plan if it is the premium plan.

Changing Billing Cycle

It is possible to change the billing cycle from monthly to yearly or vice versa only after the billing  month or period ends. User has to notify us by email of intention to change billing cycle.

Payment Terms

Payments must be made on or before the last day of the subscription, failure to pay, the user will automatically be downgraded to the Standard plan and can only be reinstated after paying. The preferred method of payment is Paypal or Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB credit cards.

Web-based transactions

The placing of an order for goods or services on the website constitutes an offer to MyJapanAddress to conclude a contract for the provision of such services. MyJapanAddress may accept such offers by sending a confirmation e-mail, by shipping the product or by commencing with the provision of the service.
Where applicable, the confirmation e-mail will contain details of the amount to be paid and the method of payment for the products or services ordered. Where such a confirmation e-mail is sent, and unless otherwise stated, the contract is not deemed to be concluded until MyJapanAddress receives the payment.

An e-mail or letter which merely confirms receipt of the order and the details of said order does not constitute acceptance of the user’s offer.
Cancellation and return of goods to the vendor for purchases made by a user that are already at MyJapanAddress facility are the user’s responsibility and when MyJapanAddress is contracted by the user to execute the return, the request will be honored only after the user has paid MyJapanAddress for the service to be rendered and where necessary the return shipment.
With respect to products delivered or services rendered by MyJapanAddress in accordance with a contract concluded via the website, MyJapanAddress is liable for damage caused by a breach of duty on the part of its employees only to the extent that such breach of duty was either intentional or the result of gross negligence. MyJapanAddress also disclaims all liability for external services or data obtained from third parties such as Courier companies.

Technical errors

  1. MyJapanAddress aims at minimising technical errors and malfunctions. However, some data or other parts of the Information may have been created or structured in files or formats that are not error-free. MyJapanAddress cannot guarantee that the underlying files and the formats used are error-free and will not cause the user’s systems to malfunction.
  2. MyJapanAddress cannot guarantee that the Website and the Services will always be available. Whilst MyJapanAddress is committed to ensuring that the availability of the Website will be essentially uninterrupted and that transmissions will be error-free, this cannot be guaranteed. Access to the Website and its Services may also occasionally be suspended, restricted or impeded to permit repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new services.
  3. MyJapanAddress accepts no responsibility with regard to such problems (including, but not limited to, failure of performance, computer virus, communication line failure, alteration of content, etc.) encountered as a result of using the Website or any linked external sites.


For some Services and parts of the Website, MyJapanAddress offers data security by means of secure socket layer (SSL) technology. A number of Services can only be accessed by authorized users by way of a self-defined username and password. However, MyJapanAddress cannot guarantee that data transmitted is absolutely secure at all times from attack by third parties, nor can it guarantee the absolute security of the data transmission process.


MyJapanAddress shall be liable only for damage caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by its employees or violation of an essential contractual obligation. MyJapanAddress shall not be liable and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of information provided in documents bearing the name of their author(s) or otherwise clearly attributable to a person or third party not directly affiliated to MyJapanAddress.

MyJapanAddress shall not be liable and accepts no responsibility for the functionality or contents of external websites, services or software products hyperlinked from the Website. The use of such websites, services or software products is at the sole risk of the user.

Data protection

When the Website is accessed, certain information about users, such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, navigation through the site, browser used and time spent, may be stored by MyJapanAddress or on its behalf by third party traffic analytic services.  This information may be used for website traffic analysis only, and not to identify users. No attempt will be made to monitor systematically individual users of IP addresses, or the actions that they perform.

Personal data may not be recorded or saved without the user’s express consent.  By completing any data collection form on the Website, the user expressly agrees to the storage and processing of the data entered.  All data provided by the user such as,  names, addresses, credit card details, account information, etc. will be treated as confidential, stored and processed only for the purpose for which it was collected, and made available only to the entity responsible for dealing with it. In particular, personal data will not be passed on to third parties or published or made available for general access without the user’s express agreement or unless necessary to comply with a request by or for the conclusion or fulfilment of a contract with that user, or unless MyJapanAddress is obliged to make such data available to public authorities.


MyJapanAddress respects your privacy and understands the sensitive nature of your private information and would not use your personal information for another purpose other than for which it is meant for. The information collected would never in anyway be used to compromise a user’s privacy.

Illegal Access or use

Access of the MyJapanAddress database in an automated manner is not permitted, and will result in banning from the site, as well as legal action.  Data from this site may not be resold or redistributed through any form or means. MyJapanAddress reserves the rights to ban users who are suspected of illegal access of the database or site.

Users caught using MyJapanAddress site for shipment of banned items or illegal activities will be notified in writing and banned with immediate effect and the ban would stay until the user proves his/her innocence.

Compliance with laws and Regulations

We do not guarantee the contents offered by us to be acceptable in every country or jurisdiction. You are required to understand the laws and regulations of your country before using our services, any resulting consequence from failing to do is your sole responsibility.

All users of the MyJapanAddress.com site must comply fully with all applicable laws, statues, ordinances, rules and regulations, and agree not to use the  website to facilitate collusion or for any other conduct violating any applicable laws, statutes, rules and regulations.

MyJapanAddress is not liable for breach of national or international laws by users.


The contents on MyJapanAddress’s web site are provided “as is”. MyJapanAddress makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates all other warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights. Further, MyJapanAddress does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on its Internet web site or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site.